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Easily discover places, venues and events is a venue scouting platform that allows users to find and book venues and events based on their location and moods.

When we first met with the team, they were in the middle of a branding transition from "nerdeicek" to "" and wanted our help to change their whole infrastructure. Basically what they wanted was a complete migration. list detail page

This can sound like its easy and straight-forward, but if you think of a website which is indexed so well and has a high user base and hit rate, things can easily get out of hand.

First we started with data migration. The previous website was running on Wordpress and had many plugins. Then we moved on to planning the server infrastructure. We designed a server architecture which can handle crazy loads by using auto-scaling, alerting and caching systems and integrated it with our CI server for faster and more straightforward deployments. On the frontend side, we used Vue.js and Vuex and created it as a single page application backed by partial SSR.

We finalized v1.0 by redirecting all previously indexed pages to the new, corresponding ones and did a seamless migration. Currently is under continuous improvement and we are upgrading it every day. place detail page event detail page

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